Tiles vs Sheeting Comparison

A concrete tile roof is a very cost effective and durable roofing solution whether for an individual home or a large residential development
Tiles vs Sheeting Comparison
Concrete roof tiles - a very cost effective roofing solution

There is a perception that metal roofs are more cost effective, but this is not the case. We did a cost analysis using the same roof and asking a number of our customers to price for a concrete tile roof and a metal sheeting roof. This included the timber and installation costs. The findings:

A concrete tile roof is a very cost effective solution when you take the entire roof construction include your roof timber, trusses and installation costs into account

  • ± 20% saving on the roof of your project

  • You can upgrade to an upmarket concrete roof tile and still save vs metal sheeting

A few additional points to consider:

  • The BMI Coverland 30 year tile guarantee gives you peace of mind that you have the right solution installed on your project

  • Available in a range of finishes, colours and tile profiles to cater for the look you want to achieve on your project

  • Quicker to install resulting in quicker project turnaround time

  • Product is readily available ensuring projects stay on track

  • No frequent and high cost increases ensuring better planning and cost management

  • Products are strong and durable

  • Easy to maintain

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