Tile Guarantee

A lot can change in 30 years, but your roof doesn't have to be one of them. Now more than ever we realise the importance of home, your shelter, your safe zone...where you feel secure and where you have peace of mind.
30 Year Tile Guarantee

With a track record of more than 70 years and the backing of BMI Technical Center, we are proud to offer a 30 Year Roof Tile Guarantee. Your roof is your protection from the elements, your shelter and with our guarantee, your peace of mind. Our concrete tiles are guaranteed against the event of damage to the weather resistance of the product resulting from a manufacturing defect. In the unlikely event that damage occurs, BMI Coverland will repair the affected product for the lifetime of the guarantee.


The Guarantee at a glance:

  • Covers damage to the weather resistance of the product resulting from a manufacturing defect

  • Guarantee is available as of 16 July 2020

  • It cannot be applied retrospectively 

  • Effective from date of completion of installation

  • Installation to be done in accordance with BMI Coverland technical specifications as well as the national building regulations

  • Subject to a visual roof inspection and sign off

  • The guarantee can be transferred when the property is sold, but is an agreement between the buyer and seller

Exclusions in layman's terms - damage as a result of, but not limited to:

  • Excessive traffic on the roof

  • Poor roof maintenance

  • Unnatural weather conditions, e.g. winds in excess of the wind uplift specification, hail, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and earthquakes

  • Mechanical cleaning or use of corrosive or hazardous chemicals

  • Installation of other products on the roof, e.g. solar panels

  • Poor substructure construction by the installer or failure to comply with technical specifications of the product

  • Does not include the coating or slurry on products

  • Also note that roof tiles will wear naturally (so the appearance will change  and this is also excluded)

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