BMI RhinoBond System

BMI RhinoBond System

Installation Steps

Installing smooth TPO with the RhinoBond®† Attachment System offers several benefits, including:

  • A fast and easy installation

  • Smaller crews and install time, with up to 50% faster installation by adding a second machine

  • Quick dry-in, as membrane seams can be welded before RhinoBond® Plates are bonded

RhinoBond® Attachment Systems are eligible for the same warranties as fully adhered systems, and can also be installed:

  • In a wide variety of temperatures

  • Without waiting for cure time, fumes, mess, empty pails, or VOCs from traditional adhesives

In addition, RhinoBond® Attachment Systems have advantages over traditional mechanically attached systems, including:

  • No half sheets and less seams

  • Longer warranties

  • No fastener penetrations in the field or seams of the membrane

  • Less flutter with optimized attachment across the entire sheet