Tell us about your job in BMI Malaysia.


I am in charge of the health, safety and environment; we call it the health & safety department. My job in BMI Malaysia is to ensure all legal compliance in terms of health and safety and also to help our production people comply with the standards that we have set. We also make sure our colleagues and staff work and return home safely by following all the safety and health guides we have implemented. One of our job scopes is also to promote a healthy working environment for all our employees by providing sufficient training about health and safety.  


Tell us about your work / life balance, how do you manage them?


For me, my work life balance is all about proper planning. This is how I manage my work life. I always do early planning before executing a job. I think work life balance is how we spend our time efficiently. I will make sure I have the necessary resources with me in order to complete my job on time. Of course, after my work, I will spend my time doing physical activities like hiking and watching football. 


What is the main reason that you like to work in BMI Malaysia?


Basically what I like about BMI is that I am always asked for my opinion; we have the freedom of speech here. We are allowed to speak our mind without any fear and this is actually a great opportunity to show our potential and grow. We get to think outside the box and our thoughts are being considered at all times.  


What are the values / visions of BMI Malaysia? 


We have 4 core values in BMI Malaysia: Connect, Empower, Evolve and Inspire. The value that is close to my heart is Connect. In BMI, we have different backgrounds of people working together. We have people from higher levels of management to people working on floor operations. It is important to make sure we bring up issues from bottom to top and how the advice or recommendations are also brought from top to bottom. Two way communication is very important. This is part of our internal networking and how we get the job done together.


What have you learned in BMI Malaysia that you didn’t know before? 


Before working in BMI, I was in a different industry and had zero knowledge on how roofing and construction works. I learned a lot in BMI Malaysia, especially on how the roofing industry and systems work, how tiles are produced, etc.


What does a good day look like in the office? 


Spreading positive vibes to people with morning wishes and start the day with a smile and good energy. 


What is a unique thing about BMI Malaysia’s products and solutions? 


We have the best products in the market in terms of quality and reliability; I would say how Apple is to smartphones is how BMI Malaysia is for roofing systems and components.