Survey & condition reporting

We understand the challenges that many surveyors face. Our team of roofing specialists can identify new ways to minimise risks associated with surveying and refurbishing a roof, whilst keeping the installer, building occupants and the client safe.
Moisture mapping

We’re able to use our years of experience alongside modern technologies to sample and analyse the roof you’re looking to refurbish. Our Scientific approach to flat roofing, site inspections and surveying will help you save time, target your budget and reduce risk. 

Our Technical Services Team are on hand to support you with surveys and condition reporting.

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Technical Services

Technical Services

It’s the quality of BMI expertise and technical services that make all the difference. Like working with you to support; writing specifications with insightful, evidence-based recommendations alongside the objectivity of a multi-technology manufacturer and the exclusive installation service of our Approved Contractor Networks - The IMA and Team Icopal who turn BMI Icopal specifications and materials into tested and certified flat roof solutions – assured by market-leading guarantees. 


Heathrow Airport Survey

Heathrow Airport Survey

On a recent project at Heathrow Airport we removed samples of the original synthetic roofing membrane and measured the resulting levels of plasticisers in our lab, this allowed us to accurately estimate the remaining life span of the roofing system and be much more specific and tailored in our specification, saving the client hours of labour and cost.


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