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BMI Redland draws on the expertise and experience gathered from over 100 years as an industry leader. Our range of pitched roof systems combined with market-leading technical support services, enable us to deliver a solution you can rely on.
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BMI Redland

For over 100 years, Redland has been a feature of the roofscape around us - from the products and systems at work on the rooftop, to supporting the roofers and construction teams that make it all possible, with a range that inspires homeowners and building users.

This means that we have a responsibility, to our customers, to deliver excellence, quality and inspiration in products, systems and services, enabling your roof to perform and protect better.

  • Choosing a Redland roof system means that you are choosing a complete system, engineered for long term performance

  • Every component precisely designed, tested and validated to physically complement each other in a system

  • Developed in accordance with industry Standards, that we played a key role in developing

  • One system, from one supplier, supported by the leading technical team in the pitched roofing industry, one trusted point of contact

Your roof, our support.

Your roof, our support.

At BMI Redland, our team has been driving the future of pitched roofing for over 100 years, by delivering the benefits of the perfect fit – from tile to tile, component to roof detail, specification to solution.

We offer a comprehensive range of complete, fully compatible pitched roofing systems – enabling the perfect fit for every project. Each of them are fully customisable and compatible to help you solve specific needs while maximising lifetime value, while our support brings you the benefits of streamlined specification and simplified installation

BMI Redland: Your roof, our support.BMI Redland: Your roof, our support.

Our solutions

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BMI Redland technical expertise: Your Roof, Our support

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Pitched Roofing Services
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The industry standards and our role in technical advocacy

The industry standards and our role in technical advocacy
Industry standards
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The best solutions in all technologies

A comprehensive system for every roof
Our technologies
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Training the industry

Our BMI Academy is a first-class centre for roofing industry training- offering in depth online and in-person courses
BMI Academy
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Tested to the extremes

No BMI Redland product enters the market without passing a comprehensive programme of stringent tests in our world-leading validation centre.
Certification & testing
Tested to the extremes

The perfect fit.

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Pitched Roofing Services

We want to ensure your roofing project is delivered to the highest possible standards. Our team is on hand with a comprehensive range of free pitched roofing services, from specification tools to pitched roof CAD details.

Case Studies

See our case studies from a variety of projects and products.
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Full Redland Range

From flat, profiled or plain tiles made in concrete, clay or resin-slate, we have a comprehensive range of roofing solutions carefully designed, tested and manufactured to give value, visual appeal and long-lasting performance.

Technical support and roofing services available