Certification & testing

By applying technical expertise, market understanding, and over 100 years of experience and with state-of-the-art research, testing and development facilities, we drive excellence, innovation and reliability across Ireland’s roofs.
Certification and testing hero

Designed specifically for the UK and Ireland's weather conditions and building standards

No BMI product gets on the roof without passing a comprehensive programme of stringent tests in our world-leading testing, research and validation centre.

Harsh frost and snow, hail, strong winds and wind-driven rain, fluctuating temperatures and intense sunlight and acid rain from environmental pollution, a roof has to withstand the worst possible combination of these conditions for decades. 

Weather forces attack the roof so it’s important that every component of a roof system - the visible as well as the invisible parts - works properly. Whole system development and validation is our answer to ensuring durability in extreme weather conditions. 

Most severe for the roof are the interactions of the sun, moisture, environmental pollution and frost. We simulate severe weather conditions of all climatic zones in specialised combined weathering chambers - unique facilities that have been developed based on our experience and weathering data from all climate zones all over the world. 

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Testing & Validation

Validation tests

All elements of our roof systems have to pass tough validation tests. This is the BMI way to ensure that your complete roof resists all weather conditions as a system.

Wind Tunnel test Lafarge 2006-1

The best at testing

Our own requirements for performance and quality always exceed the national specifications. We test and validate all products much higher and far beyond national standards. Only when the complete BMI roof system can withstand all our tests will it be validated to cover your roof. 


Ongoing development

The testing does not end with the successful development of a product. We take our responsibility seriously in development and also in ongoing production. Even if the products have spent decades on rooftops all over the world in all climates, we get samples to our testing facilities to analyse how they’ve fared and how they could withstand the weather even better.

Rain on roof