Intensive Systems

Our Intensive Green Roof Systems are designed to be used as recreational spaces and often involve many features similar to traditional ground level gardens which can include paving, water features, lawns, shrubs and trees.

Intensive green roof systems

Our range of Intensive Green Roof Systems are soil based multi layered systems and are so called because they are labour-intensive requiring higher levels of irrigation, feeding, and other maintenance compared to their lightweight extensive counterparts.

Main features

  • Suited to structures with greater load-bearing capacity.

  • Substrate depth varies to accommodate planting type.

  • Planting scheme can be designed to create moderate to high levels of biodiversity

  • Suited to flat roofs.

  • Higher levels of maintenance required - in terms of irrigation, weeding and feeding.

  • Used on podium decks as part of an Intensive roof garden system to provide a recreational space or visual space

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