Green roof

Green roofs provide the chance to create natural spaces in the sky, improving air quality, biodiversity and well-being for building users.
Green roof

Sustainable and aesthetics roofing systems

Green roofs offer many advantages for building developers, owners and their users. They benefit the wider environment through their positive impact on sustainability, biodiversity and the attenuation of storm water. They create visual enhancement of the landscape and fully exploit the spatial opportunities for visual and recreational benefit with the possibility of planning gain.

Benefits of a green roof

  • Improved air quality

  • Roof membrane protection

  • Promotes wildlife habitats

  • Improved temperature regulation

  • Reduced storm-water run-off

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Attractive design opportunities

What is a green roof?

What is a green roof and what is the difference between an intensive and extensive green roof system? Find out here

What is a green roof? What is a green roof?

5 Benefits of green roofing

Green roofs have numerous benefits for the environment and access to green space, find out more here.

5 Benefits of green roofing5 Benefits of green roofing

Environmental benefits of a green roof

If you are interested in specific environmental benefits of green roofs you can find out more here.

Environmental benefits of green roofs Environmental benefits of green roofs

Explore our green roof systems

Bespoke green roof systems

Bespoke green roof systems

We can provide an entirely bespoke green roof system for your property which can be installed on pitched and flat roofs. For more information please contact our Technical Services Team on Tel: 0330 123 4585 or email

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Top 5 Benefits of Green Roofs

Top 5 Benefits of Green Roofs

Modern Green roofs were developed in the 1960s to try and reduce water runoff problems associated with traditional flat or low pitch roofs. Adding a green roof and vegetation above a root inhibiting waterproof membrane absorbs water and slows run-off, but also provides a myriad of benefits.

Top 5 benefits of a Green Roof


Green roof system selector

Green roof system selector

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Green roof system selector

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