Why you can with Cambrian!

Mat Woodyatt, BMI Technical Training Manager, tells us why you can with Cambrian - our engineered slate made with responsibly rescued natural Welsh slate waste - and how the Cambrian Slate brings together the best of all world's in terms of looks, performance, installation and flexibility.
Matt Woodyatt, BMI Technical Training Manager

Some examples of how you can with Cambrian

Low pitch capability

This handsome care home roof in Wales demonstrates Cambrian's low pitch capability.

Unlike natural slates and most concrete tiles, Cambrian can be laid on pitches as low as 15 degrees opening up possibilities for both new builds and when approaching re-roofing projects.

Care home Wales, Cambrian Slate Slate Grey

A need to replace natural slate with like-for-like?

When planners or clients look at replacing an old natural slate roof, they often expect a like-for-like replacement to be the best solution. However modern building regulations or issues such as timber load, ventilation, water ingress issues or British Standards can make this problematic.

This beautiful roof on the 111-year old Lochwinnoch Primary School is a great example of Cambrian replacing traditional slates in a Conservation Area and area of special architectural importance.

Cambrian Slate on Lochwinnoch Primary School Renfrewshire

Design flexibility

Cambrian is suitable for a wide range of projects and architectural styles. Look at this example of the stunning Hopewood Park Hospital in Sunderland. This new facility was designed to create a relaxing and non-clinical environment for patients, utilising natural and calming materials with a focus on enjoying the natural landscape.

I love how this design manages to look both modern and natural at the same time. The design uses vertical hanging Cambrian Slates to bring the roof slope down onto the tall and somewhat narrow building, creating the perspective of a naturally formed boulderstone, rather than the effect of the angular lines of a man-made building.

Hopewood Park Hospital Cambrian Slate

Expert project support & 15-year design liability guarantee

When choosing Cambrian you’ll benefit from the complete support and comprehensive guarantees of BMI Redland. SpecMaster is our free-of-charge, time-saving roof specification service designed to relieve architects and specifiers of writing complex roof specifications. What’s more, roofs designed and built in accordance with SpecMaster are covered by our whole roof 15-year guarantee; alongside end-to-end technical support and a dedicated manager offering guidance throughout the entire process.

I love this image of Paul, one of our Technical Specification Managers, examining the Cambrian roof in progress and providing technical support, at Parbrook Court Housing Care, Bristol.

Parbrook Court Redland Specification Manager SpecMaster support

Cambrian Slate vs natural slate

We often get asked if Cambrian, an engineered slate, can really pass for a natural slate roof....

Here's a shot of a couple of residential properties - one with natural slate and one using Cambrian. Can you spot the difference? (Hint: Cambrian is the house on the right!)

Cambrian Slate Chessington

Suitable for the most exposed sites

Due to the unique design and optimised weatherbar protection and three-point fixing system, Cambrian is suitable for the most exposed sites and extreme weather conditions. Take a look at this reroof of Burgh Apartments on the Devon coast. Architect, Eilir Sheryn, said "In this area a lot of natural slates are being blown up and snapped by the strong winds so having a product like Cambrian that fixes so securely gave me the confidence I needed."

cambrian slate burgh island pitched roof hero image

Recycled Natural Slate Range

Responsibly rescuing natural Welsh slate from waste and recycling it into a new solution, Cambrian is an alternative that delivers exceptional performance as well as a beautiful natural slate look.
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