Building Owners

Our comprehensive range of construction products and pitched and flat roofing systems are backed up by impressive guarantees and technical support, meaning that we can provide you with peace of mind and full project support through your project.
Home and building owners

Peace of mind at every stage of your project

We understand that a building is a significant investment and needs protection, whether a home, a business, or part of a wider property portfolio. A system from Necoflex, Icopal or Redland not only ensures that a building remains safe, secure and watertight but it also adds value.

Our Necoflex Technical team can offer a comprehensive design support service to building owners. With many years of experience in the area of Radon protection systems we can offer Free one-to-one design consultations and group presentations.

Our pitched, flat and construction high performance systems are backed up by an impressive range of guarantees, excellent technical support and low-maintenance solutions, so we can provide you with value for money and peace of mind.

Our market-leading brands cover different construction technologies, meaning that we can recommend the best solution for your needs. It doesn’t stop there; we’re on hand throughout the project lifecycle with audits, surveys and on-site inspections as well as providing technical support and consultancy. We’re always here to assist and provide cost-effective installation and guaranteed performance.

A high quality roof is essential to keep maintenance costs low. Our IMA approved contractor network offers an exceptional level of service, skill, and expertise. By using an approved contractor for your roof project you can be assured you will receive quality from the start, protecting your investment and providing you with unrivalled guarantees.

  • Comprehensive Radon design support service

  • Integrated pitched and flat solutions

  • Technical support

  • Market-leading guarantees

  • Approved contractor network

Further information and support

Moisture mapping

Moisture mapping

Our Moisture Mapping Service and thermal imaging enables us to highlight specific areas of the roof that are subject to moisture ingress. This means we can provide a precise recommendation that identifies the priority areas of the roof for refurbishment and creates a bespoke specification of work that considers the whole roof area - ensuring the future performance of your building.

Moisture Mapping

Moisture mapping hero