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At Necoflex our aim is to pursue customer satisfaction through partnership with our clients and our long standing technical support team are committed to providing unrivalled support and services nationwide.

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We provide a wide range of construction products including Necoflex Radon Protection Systems,  Acoustic Systems, Tanking, Structural Waterproofing and Ground Contamination Solutions, Scaffold Sheeting and Specialist Protective Sheeting. 

We offer the following technical services and support to ensure your project is delivered with confidence. 

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Radon Protection - New Building CPD

This CPD provides a useful and informative insight to the radon gas problem in Ireland. Its aim is to give you:

  • An understanding of the nature and extent of the problem.

  • A summary of the latest legal requirements when dealing with radon, (including radon in the workplace).

  • An in-depth look at current ‘Best Practice’ and principles of radon protection in new buildings.

Contact Necoflex Technical Services to book: 1802 3333

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The use of Flexible Membranes & Acoustic Systems in Construction CPD

Find out how technological advances in construction membranes have expanded their application range and how, correct specification and installation can address a wide range of common acoustic problems.


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