A concrete tile roof is a very cost effective solution when you take the entire roof construction include your roof timber, trusses and installation costs into account. The saving can be approximately 20% on the roof construction of your project. Click here to find out more

As part of the BMI Group we have access to a large range of roofing components and systems. We supply a range of roofing underlays, dry ridge system, abutment flashing systems along with clear tiles and roof fixings. View our Product and Solutions to see find out more

Our sales team can assist with quotations. Complete our contact form and let us know the tile profile, colour and quantity required and we will assist you with a quote

We do sell to the public. See our Contacts page for the nearest branch to you or send us an email to info.sa@bmigroup.com if you need assistance

  • They are durable and gets stronger with age

  • The BMI Coverland 30 year concrete tile guarantee gives you peace of mind letting worry about the things that matter most

  • Product is more readily available and not impacted by large and frequent price increases

  • They have good soundproofing properties

  • Easy to install and to replace or repair in case of an unfortunate breakage

  • They are available in a wide range of natural colours

  • Due to their longevity and aesthetic they enhance and increase the value of your home

  • Correctly installed they provide a safe and secure home

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BMI Coverland has a national footprint of 7 manufacturing sites and 3 depots. As a trusted partner we are able to supply at scale to large developments.


FactorConcrete tilesMetal roof
Wind ResistanceConcrete tiles has great wind resistance due to it's weight, but we do recommend following correct fixing guidelines for your roof Metal roofs are lighter and requires to be secured well in order to not get dislodged in strong winds
Hail ResistanceConcrete tiles has excellent hail resistance and offers better sound proofing properties during hail stormsCorroded metal roofs or material that is too thin can be damaged quite easily if the hailstones are heavy enough
Rain and Water ResistanceConcrete roof tiles are a great barrier to rain and hail and does not corroded with long term exposure to the elementsRain and hail can be very loud on a metal roof. Any damage to the surface can also lead to corrosion and long term damage
Life SpanTile roof do last long that is why we offer a 30 year tile guarantee on our rangeMetal is prone to warping and denting with exposure to elements, which will affect its lifespan