Lead Replacement Flashings

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing is a lead-replacement flashing suitable for most pitched roof details. With many advantages - being lightweight, non-toxic, cost effective and easy to cut and install, with no risk of theft - it is an excellent alternative to lead.
Wakaflex Rapid Flashing brickwork

Easy. Quick. Safe. 

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing is a lead-free, flexible, adhesive flashing designed to replace lead in most modern pitched roofing applications. 

The product has many advantages over traditional lead flashings, including the unrivalled speed and ease of installation enabling standard flashing details to be completed twice as quickly as with lead, and non-toxic, lightweight material. Wakaflex Rapid Flashing can be used for all wall abutments, chimneys and other rising parts of structures such as hips, valleys, saddles and dormers. 

Awarded the BBA certification, certificate number 09/4622 and guaranteed for 20 years.

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