Ornamental tiles

Our ornamental club tiles allow you to build decorative effects into your plain tile roof. Available in colours to match all our Rosemary clay and concrete plain tiles.
Charlton Court - Rosemary - Ornamental Tiles

Club Tiles for the most striking designs.

Ornamental Club Tiles for our Rosemary Clay Classic and Craftsman ranges and our concrete Heathland and Plain Tile ranges.

With decorative effects being incorporated more frequently into roof designs, we are the only company to offer ornamental plain tiles with a guaranteed performance in all weathers down to 40° pitch. Following extensive testing at our wind tunnel facility, the guarantee is offered across all our plain tile ranges.

Main features

  • Guaranteed in all weathers down to a 40° pitch

  • Available in colours to match both our clay and concrete plain tiles

  • Club Tile design can produce a variety of decorative effects


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