Ventilation systems

Our dry-fix ventilation systems ventilate to comply with BS 5250, therefore reducing the risk of harmful condensation in the roof, and design ensures minimal visual impact when used as part of a Redland roof system.
Grovebury - Rapid Roof Vent Tile

High-performance ventilation. A perfect fit for your roof.

A range of discreet roof ventilation tiles that provide ventilation that complies with BS 5250 and reduces the risk of harmful condensation in the roof. The range includes the RedLine Vent Tile which provides ventilation through the leading edge of the tile; the Rapid Roof Vent Tile which provides both low and high-level roof space ventilation; the ThruVent Tile which provides ventilation underneath a plastic cap; and the Hi-Flow ThruVent Tile specifically for providing high-level ventilation for use with a Cambrian roof system . All Redland roof vent tiles interlock to the roof’s tiles to provide a weathertight and simple system. They are also capable of providing mechanical extract or soil pipe ventilation.

Main features

  • Ventilate to comply with BS 5250

  • Quick and easy to install in all weather conditions

  • Complies with BS 5534 for mechanical fixing


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