Valley systems

Our dry-fix and mortar-free valley systems are quick and easy to install in all weathers and give a neat finish to a junction between two roof slopes.
Eothen - Saxon 10 - valley

A smart and easy valley junction

Our dry-fix valley systems provide a neat and attractive finish to the junction between two roof slopes. 

Our 125 GRP Valley and Cambrian GRP Valley are designed as a cost-effective and easy alternative to lead. Our Dry Valley provides a neat close-cut mitred finish and is available as either a High Profile for plain and profiled tiles or as a Low Profile for flat interlocking tiles, fibre cement or natural slates. 

All our Valley Systems are quick and easy to install in all weathers.  

Main features

  • Fully compliant with BS 5534 and NHBC guidelines

  • Safe and easy to cut

  • Durable and lightweight


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