POCB waterproofing

Our POCB (Polyolefin Copolymerisate binder) systems are ideal for pitched or flat roofs. They deliver strength, flexibility and durability, and after a lifetime of up to 30 years they can be recycled, greatly improving a building’s sustainability.
POCB waterproofing

Strong, flexible and durable flat roofing systems

Every architect wants to specify a reliable, long lasting roof - with our POCB (polyolefin copolymerisate binder) membranes, you can satisfy both these requirements.

Our BMI Icopal POCB systems are fully recyclable and together with the product’s low mass they provide a light-weight, strong, flexible, and extremely stable single layer roofing system that is UV resistant and tough.

The systems demonstrate a highly favourable Life Cycle Assessment, and meet the strictest standards for sustainable construction. Therefore, they can be used to significantly reduce a building’s environmental impact, making a significant contribution to any sustainable procurement policy.

Main features

  • Fully recyclable

  • UV resistant

  • Fast application

  • Guaranteed for up to 20 years

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