Hot Melt System

Reinforced self-healing waterproofing systems specially developed for use in inverted, green and plaza deck roofing systems.
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Reinforced, seamless, waterproofing systems

BMI Icopal hot melt systems are fully-reinforced, self-healing waterproofing membranes, specially developed for inverted, green and plaza deck waterproofing applications. Designed for concrete substrates, our hot melt system represents the optimum solution for speed of application and cost-effectiveness.

  • Self-healing

  • Monolithic waterproofing

  • Fully reinforced

  • Ideal for new build

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Explore our hot melt projects

White Collar Factory with Liquid Waterproofing

This iconic running track sits on top of the White Collar Factory in London’s Old Street Yard complex.
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Stewart Fleming School with Hot Melt

Demand for rooftop games areas in schools is rising due to an increased demand for school places, not matched by an increase in a school’s footprint.
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