Tecnatorch is a complete bitumen roof system that makes it easier to achieve a flat roof you can be proud of, with a focus on what matters: performance.
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Pride. Passion. Performance

Tecnatorch is a complete bitumen roof system that makes it easier for you to achieve a flat roof you can be proud of, that’s backed by our passion for roofing, and expert performance.  

BMI Icopal has been supporting projects for generation after generation of roofing professionals. That’s why Tecnatorch is a torch-on bitumen roof system that you can rely on to get the job right first time.  We offer a system you can take pride in, technical support that reflects the passion you have, and guaranteed solutions that give you and your customers performance you can trust in. 

Tecnatorch is backed by the support of our experts at BMI Icopal, who are ready to help you solve the challenges of flat roofing. We can give you a full system, whole roof certainty, today and tomorrow. We know what roofing means to you – because it means the same to us. Pride. Passion. Performance. 

A roof you can be proud of, that gets the job done right first time

Tecnatorch is a SBS Mineral felt that is designed to be used as the cap sheet layer within a bituminous, built-up torch-on roofing system. We know that roofing can be complex, which is why Tecnatorch is a complete flat roof system that is easy to cut, handle and apply so you can achieve a roof you can be proud of. 

It’s been developed by the passion of our roofing experts, with a focus on what matters to you and your clients: performance. When installed to Icopal’s specification and by an Icopal approved contractor, we offer a comprehensive insurance guarantee for up to 15 years. 

Saving your time and money on new and refurbished flat roofs.

Tecnatorch torch-on cap sheets are designed to save you time and money during the installation of new, or refurbished, flat roofs, while ensuring exceptional, proven performance. 

Intended for use as the cap sheet within a bituminous built-up, torch-on roofing systems, the membranes use a special grooved adhesion technology to give greater lap security and bond strength. 

Plus, the self-finished mineral surface provides a decorative and solar reflective finish for the built-up flat roof waterproofing system, which comes in a variety of colours. 

Tecnatorch is a versatile roofing system that can be used with the following suitably prepared deck types: Plywood, OSB3, Timber Boarding, Profiled Metal Decking and Concrete/Screeded surfaces. So, whether you’re working on flat roof repair, construction or a new build warm roof, Tecnatorch could work for your project. 

It's an energy efficient low melt reinforced cap sheet, that features Icopal’s mini groove technology which makes it quicker and cheaper to install. 

Main features

  • Greater lap security

  • Safer low flame application

  • Exceptional bond strength

  • Technically advanced low heat-reactive bitumen


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