The Gables with Rosemary Clay Classic

Finding a solution that would preserve the heritage aesthetic of this property was paramount.
Rosemary Clay Classic

The Project

When the new owners of The Gables, a striking Arts & Crafts Victorian Residence, discovered the roof needed replacing, finding a solution that would preserve the heritage aesthetic of the property was paramount, but it was also important to ensure the roofing materials and workmanship were on par with the original installation. Built in 1896, The Gables is set in formal gardens and the replacement tiles had to match not merely the architectural integrity of the property but also blend in well with the wider landscape.

Hear from the contractor

The Gables Testimonial



“It was a very complicated project because of the amount of valleys, hips, the octagonal roof, the chimney stacks had to come down and be rebuilt. It wasn't a straightforward up and over roof that you see on many building sites, it was very complex.”

Neil Sweeting, Director NT Sweeting Roofing Contractors


BMI Specmaster

“We found the BMI product very good to work with because of the help and advice that was on hand at the end of a phone call or email. BMI was always there to offer any opinions and any advice that we needed. BMI built the specification and we just had to follow it, so a lot of the hard work was done before a single tile was stripped.”

Neil Sweeting, Director NT Sweeting Roofing Contractors


The Challenge

The Challenge

The original roof was in dire need of repair and replacement due to its age and weathering. Tile fatigue, performance fatigue, cracked lead work, and moisture absorption had all taken their toll.

As such, it was a large-scale, labour-intensive job, requiring a smaller tile profile – to the extent of 60 plain tiles per square metre – which needed to be stripped off and recovered gradually, to protect the roof and property from the harsh, wet weather conditions. The project also required a strong working relationship with constant, clear communication between contractor, consultants and manufacturer – remotely and on site.

Interestingly, in this project, a broad array of skills were brought to bear: carpentry and joinery for the timber repairs and replacement, glazing in relevant areas, and also in changing the shape of the roof’s chimney stacks.

The roof originally had four chimney stacks, but – as part of the refurbishment – one needed to be carefully removed, with the area tiled over. Meanwhile, the remaining three stacks were partially taken down and rebuilt with matching brickwork – meaning the roofing team needed to work closely with a quality mason to create a finish sympathetic to the building’s history, but fit for the future.


The Solution

The Solution

This was a premium, prestigious reroofing project, and – as the samples of the Rosemary Clay Classic demonstrated – the beautiful aesthetic of the tile was a key proof point for selection. There was also the existing heritage and reputation of Rosemary, with a long history across the UK that’s synonymous with the clay plain roof tile.

Finally, as a full system solution, Rosemary also gave the contractor and client added confidence through BMI Redland’s SpecMaster specification service and 15-year roof system guarantee offering, as well as everyday service and support to take the project smoothly from concept to completion.


The Impact

The Impact

This project is best-practice proof that craftsmanship, control and collaboration can deliver suitably stunning results that everyone can be proud of. 

The project was a success, with the client happy with the finished product, and the history of the house being preserved by the appropriate clay tiles. 

BMI UK & Ireland’s SpecMaster service was also chosen by the client, which provides a comprehensive bespoke specification for any pitched roof and on-going support from BMI’s technical Specification team, to ensure each element is installed correctly and to specification. On completion, the roof is covered by a 15 year guarantee.


Rosemary Clay Classic System

Rosemary Clay Classic System

The Rosemary name is synonymous with quality clay plain tile. For over 175 years Rosemary has been adding character to British roofs. A system designed for mono or duo pitched roofs, using Rosemary Clay Classic tiles that is ideal for any new or refurbishment situation. The Rosemary Clay Classic tile provides a practical, durable and cost effective roofing solution for years to come.

Key Features and benefits

  • Produced from the finest clays

  • Smooth and sanded finishes

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Colours include weathered, brindled and single colours

  • Heritage look with attributes and strengths of a brand new tile

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