Suitable roof tiles for a low pitch roof

Roof pitches across the UK can vary from very low pitches of 12° and 15°, upto 70°, the most common type of roof pitch will be at an angle of 40-50°. When working with a low pitch, the choice of tile you make can have a huge impact on performance.

A low pitched roof means less roof space to fill with air, aiding in the cooling of the property. It also means there is a reduced installation cost, as there is less surface area of the roof to construct, reducing both material and installation costs.

However, the lower the pitch, the more potential for water ponding to occur and leaks and issues with the roof. As wind-driven rain is blown across the ‘flatter’ surface, it can ingress into the roof and damage it. Finally, the lower pitch means it cannot drain as fast as a higher pitch roof. It is therefore important to know which roof tiles are suitable for a low pitched roof.

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Interlocking concrete and clay pantiles

Interlocking concrete and clay pantiles

Interlocking clay and concrete tiles are weathertight, easy to install and suitable for roof pitches from 12.5°. The BMI Redland Regent tile is extremely versatile and can be installed on pitches from 12.5° upto 90°, making it ideal for extensions and lean-to roofing.

In fact the BMI Redland Profile tiles range are all suitable for low pitch roofs from 12.5° to 17.5°, they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes and designed for speed and ease of installation.


Recycled Natural Slate Interlocking Tiles

Recycled Natural Slate Interlocking Tiles

With the appearance of natural slate plus the added benefits of precision engineering and modern manufacturing techniques, the Redland Cambrian Slate is a fantastic choice for a slate roof that can be installed on pitches as low as 15°. The tiles are manufactured in Wales, and contain up to 60% recycled Welsh slate, meaning they weather just like natural slate.