Still looking good: Cambrian years later

Cambrian Slate blends the beauty of natural, responsibly reclaimed Welsh slate with the engineered advantages of a full BMI Redland system. We believe that Cambrian Slates look as good on the roof years later as when they were first installed so we revisited some sites where Cambrian Slate had been exposed to the ravages of time to see how they were looking now....
Cambrian Slate old roof

Cambrian still looking good on the roof

Princes Road, Liverpool

Princes Road is a street in Toxteth, Liverpool. In Liverpool's heyday, Princes Road was a grand avenue of merchants' houses, some of which have since fallen into disrepair or been demolished. It borders the "Welsh Streets" of Liverpool, built by and for Welsh workers in the 19th century to house Welsh migrants looking for work in the area.

In 2000, Liverpool City Council built new social housing and to fit the Welsh natural slate aesthetic of the area, specified Redland Cambrian Slates for the roofs.

The area features a range of religious architecture, including the Gothic Jewish Synagogue, the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas and the, now derelict, Welsh Presbyterian Church (seen at the far side of our photo).

We revisited this area in September 2022 to capture how the roofs are looking 20 years on and were delighted to see the homes looking excellent and truly an established part of the historic area.

Princes Road Liverpool Cambrian Slate

Smithdown Primary School, Liverpool

Smithdown Primary School is a community primary school in Liverpool, formerly known as Chatsworth Street Primary School. The Gothic-influenced building was built in 1874.

In 2009 a re-roof was required to keep the building safe. Cambrian Slate was selected to keep the original natural slate aesthetic whilst providing a lightweight and watertight roof covering.

Over 10 years later, the roof is still standing strong. A new roof extension over the back courtyard is now in progress.

Smithdown Primary School, Liverpool, Cambrian Slate

After all this time: Cambrian

Recycled Natural Slate Interlocking Tiles

Recycled Natural Slate Interlocking Tiles

With the appearance of natural slate plus the added benefits of precision engineering and modern manufacturing techniques, the Redland Cambrian Slate is a fantastic choice for a slate roof that can be installed on pitches as low as 15°. The tiles are manufactured in Wales, and contain up to 60% recycled Welsh slate, meaning they weather just like natural slate.


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