Securing the Future: How Apprenticeships are securing the Roofing Industry

The allure of apprenticeships has surged in recent years due to the structured opportunity to learn on the job or earn while learning. Government statistics for the first quarter of 2023/24 (August-October) reveal a 7% increase in apprenticeship starts compared to the previous year.
Matt Ford, previous Apprentice of the Year winner, on a pitched roof

In the roofing sector, apprenticeships are playing a key role in futureproofing businesses and ensuring skills are passed on to new generations. With the industry shaped by traditional skills, alongside new techniques and technologies, apprenticeships are crucial to its long-term success.

As the skills gap in the industry continues to grow, employers are keen to introduce passionate and hardworking people to their teams, combining on the job training with apprenticeship-based learning. In reality, this sees apprentice roofers working with – and learning from – experienced members of the trade, gradually developing the skills that will define the highly skilled workforce of the future.

The value of apprenticeships

At BMI, we have long believed in the power of training and apprenticeships in building our industry and have seen the impact this can have on individuals. 

Through the BMI Academy, we are dedicated to delivering industry-leading training to professionals right across the industry. To directly support colleges and training centres in delivering training, the Academy offers a dedicated engagement programme, sharing expertise and resources for the benefit of apprentices.

But supporting apprenticeships is only one part of the puzzle. Celebrating the achievements of new entrants to the industry is just as important, together with their employers and training colleges – something that we do through the annual BMI Apprentice of the Year competition.

Now in its seventh year, the competition is set to celebrate the most promising talent coming into the industry today – and provides an opportunity for individuals to showcase their skills on the national stage. This year, the competition is set around the theme of ‘building new horizons’ which demonstrates the potential of apprenticeships in roofing - both for apprentices and their employers.

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BMI Apprentice of the Year: A Winner’s view

Charlie Plant tells us about his experience

“I felt inspired from the first day of the competition, when the judges told us their stories and how they got to where they are now. It was great to hear their perspective before we got stuck into the tasks for the competition.”

“I was absolutely thrilled when I found out I’d won the competition. Taking on an apprenticeship involves a lot of hard work, so being recognised through the competition was a great feeling. The process also really opened my eyes to lots of the avenues open to me through my apprenticeship and I’m very fortunate to have all those options open to me at Asphalt Roofing.”

Charlie Plant, Apprentice of the year in flat roofing

Enter the BMI Apprentice of the Year 2024

Both flat and pitched roofing apprentices are invited to submit entries online by 26th April. Up to 20 finalists will be selected in May and invited to compete in the two-day final at the BMI Academy in July where the winners will be crowned.

Entrants must be a roofing apprentice or student currently working towards qualified status. The Competition is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland aged over 16 years.

Enter the BMI Apprentice of the Year 2024
Enter the BMI Apprentice of the Year 2024