Our 6-step flat roof refurbishment process

We take our commitment to you and your roof very seriously. With the roof being key to your buildings performance, from waterproofing, to energy efficiencies and keeping its inhabitants safe, it’s essential that every step of your project is carefully managed.
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Our 6-step process

Our 6-step process outlined below explains how we achieve this with you. Our team and on-going support will guide you through all stages of your project all at no cost to you.

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We understand that each project is different, so we ensure that we take the time to meet and discuss all of your needs in detail. With full knowledge of your project our team will complete a scientific membrane assessment and survey prior to any works commencing that may include a thermographic survey, core sample or moisture map of your roof. Our evidence based approach will ensure that we provide you with the best possible solution for your building’s needs, with an accurate evaluation of cost and any potential programme restraints.

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As we provide a full design specification service, we can ensure that specification, drawings and calculations align with Building Regulations and Codes of Practices. Your solution will also be created to match your specific guarantee needs.

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We will work to ensure that your specification (and build) adheres to all relevant Building regulations.

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BMI Icopal’s approved roofing contractors offer a guaranteed level of exceptional service, skill and technical expertise. All contractors have an impressive track record in roofing projects of all sizes and are committed to on-going training.

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Continual close monitoring of the project by our site technicians ensures that right through
to sign-off your project is completed accurately, to the specification, on-time and to your satisfaction.

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BMI Icopal provide the most comprehensive guarantees available. Fully insurance-backed guarantees include; up-to 30 years product performance, contractor insolvency.

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Quality without Compromise in flat roofing refurbishment

Quality without Compromise in flat roofing refurbishment

Download our guide to achieving quality without compromise in flat roofing refurbishment.

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