How BMI is Tackling the Construction Industry Skills Shortage

As roofing standards and technologies continue to evolve to meet modern demands, so must those working in the construction industry continue to improve through expert training and support.
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The future of roofing must be secured from the ground up by ensuring close collaboration between roofing manufacturers and all stakeholders across the industry, from apprentice roofers right through to housebuilders, contractors, merchants, specifiers and those developing regulations and guidance for the industry.

Providing ongoing support not just through innovative product development that makes the day-to-day life of installers and homeowners easier and safer, but through continued learning and skills development, the roofing industry will continue to be built on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. BMI’s flat roofing brand Icopal and pitched roofing brand Redland are paving the way for more energy-efficient, safe, and long-lasting roofing systems, but it will ultimately be the people designing, planning, installing and maintaining them that will make the difference. 

This is why BMI’s commitment to continuous learning and skills development starts from within. By ensuring that the technical teams at BMI are best equipped to innovate and adapt roofing products and advise customers on how best to meet new requirements. This expertise forms the foundation for the cultivation of future talent. The steps we take today to support and develop roofing talent at all levels will shape the construction industry of tomorrow. 

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The role of continuous learning in creating roofs of the future

The role of continuous learning in creating roofs of the future

The construction industry is experiencing rapid change, new regulations, and innovative solutions that lead to new ways of working, ultimately requiring new skills and methods of installation.
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