Band of Builders and BMI team up for community project

When building charity Band of Builders learnt of the challenges faced by plasterer Iain Dodd’s family, it was eager to do what it could to help. Band of Builders aims to help members of the construction industry community when times get tough.

The Story

Iain and Angela Dodd’s son James, now 11, was a typically active boy for his first three years until, following an infection, he started to display a variety of medical conditions that were eventually diagnosed as an untreatable, life-limiting neurological syndrome called Leigh Disease. A progressive disorder that attacks the central nervous system, paralysis is one result.

This meant getting in and out of the family home was a struggle for both James and his family; and Band of Builders committed to provide an extension to the front of the house which – combined with a new level drive and parking area – would ensure James could access the house with ease.

After some setbacks involving hidden pipes and bad weather, the  build took place in February and, teaming up with Band of Builders, BMI UK & Ireland helped the charity with the roofing materials support it needed to realise the makeover for James’s home.

Matheau Woodyatt, Training Manager at the BMI Academy – who managed the liaison with Band of Builders – said: “We were delighted to join forces with Band of Builders for their first project of 2020.  BoB does brilliant work within the construction community, and it was our pleasure to be able to give them a hand on something so worthwhile and we look forward to working with them again”.

Andrew Pell, Band of Builders Project Manager, said: “The team and I were delighted to join forces with BMI UK and Ireland and all our other suppliers for this special build which will do so much to help James and his mum and dad. It’s typical of the work we do in the construction community – and it just wouldn’t be possible without the support we get from companies like BMI: long may it continue”!