Paraplast S

3mm & 4 mm smooth sanded upper face & 4mm granular slate capping sheet


Paraplast is suitable for waterproofing the following:
Low pitched concrete roof decks
Low pitched timber roof boards
Below grade foundation waterproofing
Prefabricated concrete
Reinforced concrete decks
Prefabricated concrete
Metal decks
Timber roof boards
Waterproofing decks under protection of pavers
Renovation of decks
Decks with and without thermal insulation


Paraplast has a sand finish which is distributed evenly on the upper face to assist with ease of unrolling of the Paraplast. The underside is embossed (small squares) on the underside of the membrane with to assist with the rapid burn off the flamina which indicates the correct melting point during the torch application to ensure adequate bonding onto the substrate.


Paraplast should always be used as a multi-layer system consisting of Paraplast 3 mm & Paraplast 4 mm when waterproofing all types of roof decks. Icopal Paraplast is not recommended to be applied as a loose laid application or spot bonded application method.
Paraplast GS is always used as a capping sheet as the top layer of a multi-layer system. 

Download the PDF to view the full specifications and technical data.