Parafor® Solo Nox-Activ®



Reduces pollution in our environment – destruction of nitrogen oxides (NOx)
Certified to maintain its de-polluting properties as a permanent feature
The concentration of nitrates produced by photocatalysis is lower than any bottled mineral water (contact Icopal for the laboratory report)
Suitable for installation in new constructions or for renovations works
Easier to torch due to the patented grooved underside of the membrane
High resistance to cracking and puncturing, considerable elasticity due to SBS elastomeric bitumen
Coloured mineral granular slate colours available including white.


Icopal Parafor Solo NOx-Active® is used when waterproofing all types of roof decks. Icopal Parafor Solo NOx-Active® is not recommended to be applied as a loose laid application or spot bonded application method.
Parafor® Solo NOx-Active® is always used as a capping sheet as the top layer of a multi-layer system.