Paradial S

Aluminium Foil Bitumen Membrane


High resistance to thermal shock due to the embossed design of the metal foil “built-in movement joints”
High resistance to cracking and puncture resistance
A large number of metal foil facings available including aluminium, copper, stainless steel & white
Excellent fire rating
High tensile strength


Icopal Paradial has a sand finish which is distributed evenly on the upper face to assist with ease of unrolling of the Paradial. The underside is embossed (small squares) on the underside of the membrane with to assist with the rapid burn off the flamina which indicates the correct melting point during the torch application to ensure adequate bonding onto the substrate 


Icopal Paradial S is used in conjunction with Paradiene SR4 Film/Gres as base layer when waterproofing all types of roof decks. Icopal Paradial S is not recommended to be applied as a loose laid application or spot bonded application method.
Paradial S is always used as a capping sheet as the top layer of a multi-layer system.