Adesolo G

Self-Adhesive Bitumen Membrane


Factory applied self-adhesive strips for partial bonding and the PROFIL SYSTEM (Siplast patent)
Suitable for use as a single layer waterproofing membrane
High resistance to cracking, puncturing and elasticity due to SBS elastomeric bitumen
Quick and easy installation
Suitable on concrete and masonry slabs, cellular concrete slabs, wooden boards for external use, steel decks, over existing waterproofing, over thermal insulation.
Scarified side lap selvedge for increased bonding (Siplast patent)


Icopal Adesolo has a sand finish which is distributed evenly on the upper face to assist with ease of unrolling of the Adesolo. Icopal Adesolo is bonded by cold adhesion of main membrane underside and final adhesion of the selvedge by torch adhesion to ensure maximum lap bond 


Icopal Adesolo is used with a scarified side lap selvedge for increased bonding when waterproofing all types of roof decks. Icopal Adesolo is not recommended to be applied as a loose laid application or spot bonded application method.
Adesolo G is always used as a capping sheet as the top layer of a multi-layer system.