Energy Efficiency in Roofing

As part of the National Building Regulations, roofing plays an important role in delivering and energy efficient home. After all the roof is directly exposed to the sun for the largest part of the day. Below are the new guidelines based on SANS 10400-XA: 2021 Energy Efficiency and the role of roofing in the regulations
Radenshield comfort

November 2021 saw the release of the updated application of the National Building Regulations SANS 10400-XA: 2021 Ed 2 Energy usage in buildings, this follows on the original regulations promulgated in November 2011. The new regulations make it mandatory to specify thermal insulation in buildings based on their occupancy class as stated in regulations XA1, XA2 and XA3.

Energy zones

The original climate zones from the original regulations have been replaced with energy zones. There are 7 energy zones across South Africa and these were determined by the heating and cooling energy required to regulate the internal comfort levels of buildings. The explanation of each energy zone can be identified using the legend on the map:

Climate Zone Map

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Energy Zones1-75H
Minimum Thermal Resistance required – Total R-value m²K/W3.72.7
- Total R-value of roof tiles & standard ceiling board m²K/W *0.350.35
- RadenShield Ecosential R-vale contribution m²K/W1.521.52
Remaining R-vale required from other insulation materials m²K/W1.830.83

* Source: TIPSASA (