Cool Roof System

The BMI Coverland Cool Roof System is a self-sustaining system that offers a solution to reduce the flow of heat transfer through the roof. It optimises the roof’s thermal performance with a combination of heat reflection, ventilation and insulation components to minimise the radiant heat and reduce the heat transmitted into the roof
RadenShield Ecosential installed under battens as part of the cool roof system

How it works:

The Cool Roof system functions through interdependent products that keep a building’s interior cool and comfortable. The Dry Ridge system uses convection to circulate cool air, which enters through the eaves, heats up and escapes through the ventilated ridges. A dry-ridge roll seals the ridge and allows heat to escape from the top of the roof while the Ridge Tree aligns the ridge battens for better airflow. At the eaves, the Filler Comb further promotes natural ventilation flow and RadenShield™ reflects radiant heat and also insulates against rain and dust.

Cool Roof Diagram

Energy-saving, cost-saving:

As a passive system, the Cool Roof system runs the entire day. When the house is cooler, airier and fresher, you use less air-conditioning, which saves on your electricity bills. Since the interior environment of the building is cool and comfortable, there is less need – if any – for devices, such as air conditioners and/or fans. Fridges will also use less energy to keep cool. Using the Cool Roof system saves on energy consumption and since it can be applied to all types and styles of housing; it saves energy at all levels. What’s more, the Cool Roof system doesn’t require any mechanical installation or ventilation. It is a simple, self-sustaining system that delivers lasting and sustainable benefits.



  • RadenShield™ reflects 97% of radiant heat.

  • Cool and comfortable interior – up to 10°C cooler*.


  • Saves on energy consumption – save up to 30% on electricity usage*.


  • RadenShield™helps prevent dust, sand, pollen and insects accumulating in the roof cavity and penetrating the interior of the home.

  • RadenShield™reduces pressure variances, decreasing the risk of tile or roof sheeting from taking off in windy conditions.

  • RadenShield™reduces water suction caused by windy conditions and pressure variance.

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