Siplast Silver Primer

    Siplast Silver Primer is a liquid aluminuim varnish with synthetic copolymers and SBS bitumen blend, for bitumen roofing renovation. It significantly extends the life of bituminous membranes, brings an anti-corrosive finish to metallic elements, improves the thermal comfort inside buildings. Siplast Silver Primer forms a weather and chemical resistant coating. Siplast Silver Primer has a Solar Reflective Index value (SRI) of 80 (ASTM E1980).

    Main features

    • Highly reflective bitumin paint that will improve the thermal insulation and reduce the indoor tempreture of the structure below. Siplast Silver Primer increases the durability of the roof by protecting it from the UV rays. Suitable for use on new or existing bitumen or metal roofs.

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