Paraplast S 3mm

  • Dimension3mm

Paraplast 'S' 3mm is a torch applied bitumen waterproofing membrane designed to be used as part of a double layer waterproofing membrane system for waterproofing non-accessible low pitched concrete roof decks, low pitched timber roof boards, below grade foundation floors and walls, metal roof decks, waterproofing under protection pavers, rejuvenation of existing waterproofing, waterproofing of decks with and without thermal insulation, reinforced concrete decks and prefabricated concrete. Paraplast 'S' 3mm is reinforced with a high performance rot proof non-woven polyester reinforecement offering Paraplast 'S' 3mm high puncture resistance and anti-aging properties. Paraplast 'S' 3mm is designed for new works and rejuvenation works.

Main features

  • High performance polyester reinforced APP (Atatic polypropylene) modified plastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane which is designed with excellent ageing resistance, high elasticity, excellent resistance to thermal shock and dimensional stability

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