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Case Study

Scottish homes sheltered from sub-arctic conditions

Hjaltland Housing Association chose BMI Decra® tiles to aid roofers and protect homeowners from hurricane force winds on the Shetland Isles.
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Hjaltland Housing Association


Traditional style and exceptional durability

In constructing two new developments on the Shetland Islands, Hjaltland Housing Association faced an unenviable list of roofing challenges. Winds in excess of 100 mph, a climate that encourages damaging moss growth and the need for faster installation in changeable weather conditions all had to be answered in one solution. At the same time, the materials needed to reflect the natural splendour of the Scottish surroundings and respect well-established housebuilding methods on the islands.
Hjaltland Housing Association


For an initial development of 14 homes at Hillock, BMI Group supplied Decra® Classic tiles. At around 1/7th the weight of concrete alternatives, the tiles made life easier for installers. Their 40-year guarantee also assured Hjaltland that both the properties and homeowners would be well protected in the long-term.

BMI Group then collaborated on a second, larger development in Lerwick with a bespoke specification of Decra® Stratos tiles. The black tiles mimic the appearance of traditional Shetland roof slate, but they are resistant to moss growth as well as being wind and waterproof. These features made them ideally suited to the extreme local conditions and salt-laden air. The tiles need fewer fixings than traditional alternatives, providing a faster and more workable solution for installers, DITT Construction, without any loss of strength and reliability.

Hjaltland Housing Association


In November 2015, the Shetland Islands battled with Storm Abigail — the UK’s first named storm. Winds of up to 90mph swept tiles off many homes. However, homeowners at the recently completed Hillock scheme were well sheltered with the Decra® Classic tiles remaining firmly in place. In fact, several years after installation, the tiles continue to look brand new. The Decra® Stratos tiles used on the Lerwick development have also stood up to every test the weather has posed since its completion in 2015.