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"76% of architects don’t feel they have the freedom to specify materials, systems and technologies as they would like to."

BMI, “The Architect Effect” Report, 2020

How can architects remain relevant in an evolving world of construction?

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The Architect Effect report 

We’ve identified three knowledge gaps that architects across the world need to address in order to retain their influence in the construction process — to retain The Architect Effect.

  • The collaboration gap

    Gain access to the right information with speed and ease

  • The information gap

    Work more collaboratively with other stakeholders

  • The innovation gap 

    Choose the right innovative products and materials for the job

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The Architect Effect report global architecture trends report

Build your business case

Whether you’re talking to a client, contractor, building regulator or another important stakeholder, make a business case for how to do more with the roof.

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