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BMI Monier Rainwater Harvesting System

Conserving water for an eco-friendly lifestyle

MONIER Rainwater Harvesting System takes full advantage of the rainfall patterns by tapping onto nature’s free resources. Rainwater is collected, filtered, stored, and recycled for watering the gardens, flushing the toilets, etc. With our rainwater harvesting system, you can effortlessly utilize the harvested rainwater hassle-free. Save water costs while being eco-friendly at the same time. When your rainwater storage tank runs empty during periods of heavy usage, it will automatically switch back to the main water supply without any disruptions.

Effective and eco-friendly solution

Start your water conservation journey today

Rainwater harvesting helps you to conserve water and reduce municipal water use. For this to happen, you need a strategy or a method to utilize all of the collected rainwater in an efficient manner.

Our BMI Rainwater Harvesting System is a comprehensive and effective solution that only collects rainwater but also distributes the recycled rainwater for watering of gardens, flushing of toilets and etc.

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Kid watering plants using recycled rainwater