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Quality roof systems that enhance your space

Our quality roof systems save cost and energy by maximising the use of the sun and the rain to minimise the usage of electricity or water. It’s environmental-friendly because our system uses energy to minimise the impact on the environment. Our systems are secure and we eliminate potential electrical/water hazards. Now, is easier for you during electricity/water disruptions because with our systems, you can provide optimised comfort and convenience to you and your family.
Complete your roof with BMI system solutions
System solutions
Comfortable and cooling space for family
Superior Cooling Performance

BMI Monier CoolRoof creates a natural airflow and heat barrier to provide a cool and comfortable home, up to 10°C inside.

Solar bulb
Unlimited Solar Power

BMI Monier SolarRoof converts the energy of the sun into hot water and provides natural sunlight to your home with ZERO electricity needs.

Recycled rainwater for your garden
Independent Water Supply

BMI Rainwater Harvesting System is collect, filter, store and recycle for watering of gardens, flushing of toilets purpose. 

Rainwater Harvesting