Leakproof Solutions for Modern Homes

Keep your spaces protected from roof leaks.
Leakproof Solutions for Modern Homes

Mitigate the causes and consequences of a leaky roof

Roof leaks are a major problem for Malaysian homeowners as we experience frequent heavy rainfall throughout the year. A leaking roof causes more than just water seeping into your property; it also leads to more building issues such as a compromised roof structure, decay of timber trusses, watermarks across the ceiling, mould and mildew, and other types of damages. 

There are several areas on the roof that are highly susceptible to leaks. These include the ridge and hip, wall abutment and roof or ventilation outlets. While roof leaks can happen due to many reasons, improper methods, products, or solutions used during roof construction significantly increase the risk of leakages.

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Rainwater Harvesting System

Thunderstorms or drizzles, BMI’s waterproof dry fix solutions effectively prevent leaking roofs.

Roof repairs can be costly and complicated. Hence, it’s important to prevent leaks in the first place by using the right products. BMI offers a series of leakproof solutions to address the most prominent areas of your roofs: