BMI Everguard TPO On Concrete Deck

The EverGuard TPO Membrane Roofing System is a quick and cost-effective system that can be installed practically all year round and ideally suited for all lightweight metal decked structures and buildings such as warehouses, supermarkets, distribution and logistics centres.
BMI Everguard TPO On Concrete Deck

Mechanically Fixed Application With EverGuard TPO

Why EverGuard TPO Membrane?

BMI mechanically fixed systems with EverGuard TPO Membranes are ideal for roofs of all sizes and locations - one membrane for all climate zones.

  • EverGuard TPO outperforms its competitors in excellent weldability, high wind uplift, values, heat-aging and UV tests - the best predictors of TPO performance.

  • An independent TPO study showed EverGuard TPO 1.5mm membrane to demonstrate superior accelerated aging performance. Following accelerated heat-aging at 135°C for 105 days. EverGuard 1.5mm TPO showed no cracking.

  • Factory Mutual Approved roof systems incorporating membrane, insulation, fasteners and vapour control layer are available.

  • The welding characteristics make it easy to install and it is complemented by the most complete line of accessories.


Field fabrication of TPO accessories is time-consuming, costly, and inconsistent - and it can lead to unreliable details that compromise a watertight roofing system. EverGuard TPO prefabricated accessories deliver consistent quality and eliminate the worry and problems often associated with field fabrication. They can also boost productivity up to 200%, while reducing installed costs by up to 12%


  • Mechanically fixed roofs are the most cost-efficient for exposed roofing applications.

  • Past installation speed achieved with mechanical fastening.

  • Installation of mechanically fixed roofs is independent of weather conditions.

  • The physical properties of the membrane provide high wind uplift values.

  • Uncontaminated material can be recycled at the end of life providing an environmental advantage.

System Components

BMI EverGuard TPO Roof Solution On Concrete Deck