BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit

A durable and high-strength TPO Membrane to enhance and transform existing flat roofs.
BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit

Breathing New Life into Old Roofs 

BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit is developed as a versatile, safe and reliable solution for revitalising existing flat roofs. With sustainable features incorporated into the product, roofs fitted with this TPO membrane can also help projects obtain LEED credits.

What are TPO Membranes? 

TPO membranes are lightweight waterproofing membranes ideal for reinforcing flat roof systems – thanks to their high-strength material resistant to leaks, heat, UV rays, moisture, algae and mould. Fast and easy to install, they are fastened or affixed to flat structures to form a layer of protection on top of the flat roof surface. TPO membranes are also cost-effective and suitable for a variety of flat roof applications, from housing projects to industrial and commercial properties.

Key Benefits of BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit

As one of the best cost-effective choices for flat roof systems, BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit offers all the beneficial characteristics of TPO membranes along with enhanced and innovative features. Made from plasticiser-free FPO (flexible-Polyolefin based Polypropylene), it can be used in any climate. In addition, its specific polyester reinforcement offers high physical strength values and is easy to weld even on large temperature windows.

The key benefits of BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit include the following: 

  • Affordable/cost-effective

  • High mechanical and thermal performance

  • Environmental perception (‘Green Product”)

  • High stability (low shrinkage)

  • No plasticisers

  • High durability

  • Chemical resistance

  • Compatible with EPS and old Bitumen with a separation layer

  • Superior wind up-lift values

Produced with the Environment in Mind

BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit is plasticiser-free, naturally fungal resistant and doesn’t require biocides. The material is also recyclable, which reduces carbon footprint and negative environmental impact, for example, preventing the overcrowding the landfill when it reaches its end of life. The product also complies with environmental legislation and fulfils several criteria for obtaining LEED credits.  

Assured Quality and Strength 

Developed by BMI, a company with huge market experience and over 20 years of producing TPO, you can rest assured that BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit will meet your expectations of quality and performance.

BMI Everguard TPO Extreme Retrofit comprises three main layers: 

  • Polypropylene (PP)

  • UV -resistant

  • Polyester (PES)

  •  Knitted Scrim

  • Mechanical fixing, induction fastening and ballasted application

  • Polypropylene (PP)

  • High weldability

The membrane also features Everguard’s unique knitted scrim design, which contributes to the product’s enhanced benefits.

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