Mechanically Attached Smooth TPO

Mechanically Attached Smooth TPO with Drill-Tec™ Fasteners
Mechanically Attached Smooth TPO

Installation Steps

Installing smooth TPO with fasteners in a mechanically attached system offers several benefits, including:

  • Up to 50% faster installation compared to fully adhered smooth membrane installations

  • Reliability and cost effectiveness

  • Familiarity with the industry as the most common installation method in single-ply membranes

  • Consistent installation in a wide variety of temperatures

  • No sprayers or additional capital investments

  • A great option for occupied buildings, as there is no odor from adhesives

While fully adhered systems have better wind uplift ratings, a mechanically attached system’s ratings can be increased by modifying the fastening pattern from 12" on center to 6" on center.

Be sure to refer to the BMI Drill-Tec™ Fastening Guide to choose the correct fasteners and plates for your application.