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Here we have gathered some of the most common questions we get of a general nature. Feel free to contact our customer service for further clarifications.

How long can I expect my roof to last?

Naturally, there are a few factors that can lengthen or shorten the life of your roof, but in general, a roof can be expected to last about 20 years. That said, things like climate, extreme weather, and maintenance can affect the lifespan of your roof. Concrete and clay roof tile often last 50 years or more with complete roof system.

What will a new roof cost me?

The cost of a new roof is different for every household as it is depends on different aspects of a home or building. Different aspects of your home, such as shape, size, and location, will affect the price of your new roof, as well as the material you choose. The best way to get a solid estimate is to contact your local trusted roofing professional. A reputable roofer will offer you a quote at no cost, and with no obligation.

Can my roof be insured?

At BMI, we do offer leak-proof, Roof System Guarantee up to 5 years with the conditions that the roof tiles installation comes with complete BMI’s Roof System Components.

Do I have options when it comes to re-roofing?

If your roof is older or has seen a bit of damage, it’s good to know that you do have options when it comes to re-roofing. So long as your home has only ever had one roof, you have the option to simply install another roof over the existing one. This saves you a lot of money and time, but it can only be done if your older roof was in decent shape. When you’re considering re-roofing, it’s a good idea to have a chat with an experienced roofing professional to see what is the best option for your home and budget.

How do I know which tiles and components is good for the roof?

We are the leading roofing company in Malaysia. Our experiences in the roofing industry spans more than 60 years of excellence and have supplied to more than 400 million m² of roof coverings since our beginning. When it comes to roofing advice and expertise, at BMI Malaysia, our trained Sales experts will be able to provide logical roofing solutions to your needs.

Please feel free to reach us at roofing-malaysia@bmigroup.com or contact toll free line 1800-88-0865.

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Still doubts?

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