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Questions and Answers - Clay Roof Tiles 

Solutions for you about our clay roof tiles

Here you will find answers to the most common questions related to our BMI GCI - clay roof tiles.
  • Shading 
    What is shading? 
    The difference colour tones of a clay roof tiles.

    Why there is different shading for same colour tiles? 
    This is because the tiles are produced by batches, hence there would be difference on its colour tones. The first batch produced might be in darker shade while the second batch might be in a lighter shade. 

    Is this considered a spoilt product? 
    No, it is not signify as a colour failure.

  • Crazing or Spider Web Cracks
    What is crazing or spider web cracks? 
    It is actually a hairline surface cracks on glazing. 

    Why did I see crazing or spider web cracks on my clay roof tiles? 
    Due to the difference in COE rate, it is caused by tensile stresses greater than the glaze is able to withstand. 

    Is this a defect of my clay roof tiles? 
    No, it is not a defect, our tiles has undergone several strength test to ensure its rigidity. The tile rigidity is not compromised.

  • Moulding 
    Why is there moulding on my clay roof tiles? 
    It is due to the presence of moisture. The rougher surface of tiles would have a higher tendency.  

    Is this a defect of my clay roof tiles? 
    No, it is not a defect, as it is due to external factors such as weather that are beyond control.

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