Tell us about your job in BMI Malaysia.


I am Vincent Lim, a product manager of RSC and E3. My role in BMI Malaysia is to be involved in the whole cycle of product and innovation while finding more products for the sales team. Basically, whatever is related to products is part of my job. 


Tell us about your work / life balance, how do you manage them?


I would say that BMI Malaysia is part of my life, I enjoy working with different people here and enjoy every single project. My work life is quite balanced, I used to play with a stress ball whenever I faced obstacles or stress. One of the things I found fun working here is that I used to play indoor activities with my CFO while we have our breaks, we talked about work but we talked about hobbies too. 


What is the main reason that you like to work in BMI Malaysia?


We believe and trust each other. Most of the superiors here trust us entirely which makes us comfortable and gives us the freedom to perform. This gives me more confidence to keep moving forward, work harder and contribute more to the company. 


What are the values / visions of BMI Malaysia? 


We aim to give the best roof solutions to people, not only just a leak proof roof but also a roof that makes a family stay comfortably.


What have you learned in BMI Malaysia that you didn’t know before? 


I learned about building relationships and networking amongst colleagues and clients. We build trust with our colleagues. I am truly appreciative of every single employee and project that has allowed me to grow further. 


What does a good day look like in the office? 


Starting my work day with a cup of espresso and chill with one of my best buddies. 


What is a unique thing about BMI Malaysia’s products and solutions? 


BMI Malaysia provides a full range of products and solutions on the international level. We are not only selling products but also solutions, we are a one-stop solution for all of the clients we serve.