Tell us about your job in BMI Malaysia.


My name is Bathma and I am the assistant to our Regional President of Asia & Regional Finance Director. My role in BMI Malaysia is to provide full administrative and secretarial support to ensure a smooth management of my boss’ day to day tasks, such as managing calendars, diaries, taking care of his appointments, scheduling meetings or his traveling and so on.  


Tell us about your work / life balance, how do you manage them?


I could say that I don't try to be all things to all people as we can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. In my daily work routine, I will always focus on my strengths, prioritise my work and schedule sufficient time for job completion. Working in BMI Malaysia allows us to take a short holiday breaks, with which I will utilise for vacations, spending some of my own time to recharge and get back to assignments again full of passion and focus. 


What is the main reason that you like to work in BMI Malaysia?


There are many reasons why I like working in BMI Malaysia; the company has a wonderful reputation as a great place to work in. For me, the main reason I like working here is that the bosses and supervisors are very supportive and encouraging. They give good advice and encouragement whenever you face obstacles in your job. Also, we are multiracial in BMI Malaysia, we work as a team and family, we respect each other’s cultures and share all the festivals together. For example, when there is Chinese New Year, we receive “ang paos” from our Chinese colleagues. For Hari Raya, we get to try their traditional foods like “satay”, traditional malay cookies and more. While for Deepavali, a festival of lights, we also get to try Indian snacks. So, I think that’s the coolest thing we have here in BMI Malaysia. 


What are the values / visions of BMI Malaysia? 


We manufacture high quality roof tiles and complete roof solutions for our client. I could say that most of the roof tiles in Malaysia is by BMI Malaysia. Maybe around 80% of it. I feel that one of the best things for BMI Malaysia is we are energy and cost efficient. We offer energy savings products as well. 


What have you learned in BMI Malaysia that you didn’t know before? 


I would say that BMI Malaysia is like my first love as I started my career here as a fresh grad, I learned lots here. I learned to communicate and work with different groups of people. I also learned to take up challenges which I had zero experience with, when my job was recognised by my boss, I felt truly happy as I knew I had reached a new achievement.


What does a good day look like in the office? 


I start my day with a coffee and full of morning wishes with my colleagues, I believe greeting people early in the morning can actually improve your mood. I feel like a good day at work is where I have completed my tasks on time without much obstacles and it's been valued and praised by my boss. I felt like it’s really a great moment when people notice your hard work. 


What is a unique thing about BMI Malaysia’s products and solutions? 


BMI Malaysia creates complete roof systems that come with the highest quality, ease of installation and high durability. We offer green technologies which are energy and cost efficient and will always continue to serve the needs of our customers.