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UN Goals

BMI sustainability report - people UN goals
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Making a difference

People are at the heart of every business and every person counts. The more diverse and inclusive we are, the better we will perform as a business and as a contributor to society.
  • BMI for all

    Championing workplace accessibility for those with disability

    Disability can be one of the biggest barriers to corporate life, with bright and talented people struggling to get into the workforce.

    In the UK, 77% of disabled students fear they will be discriminated against if they disclose their disability to employers. That’s why BMI is proud to partner with the Leonard Cheshire Change 100 Programme to create opportunities for people with disability. more in the full report

  • Lifelong learning

    Development opportunities at BMI
    We believe in our employees and want to invest in their futures, which is why we offer lots of training opportunities. BMI Finland is a great example of this, supporting blue-collar workers who haven’t had the opportunity to take part in further education.

    The team supports part-time education through time off to study and sometimes through financial assistance. This helps workers to develop their careers, with many promoted from the factory floor to site supervision roles, using their on-the-ground experience to bring a fresh perspective to management positions. more in the full report
  • The BMI Women

    Changing the face of the construction industry
    For too long, the construction industry has suffered from a shortage of female workers.

    Recent research estimates women’s participation in the industry at a mere 9%.
    It goes without saying that this is a wasted opportunity to access a huge pool of untapped talent, and BMI wants to address the issue head on.

    The turning point
    That’s where the BMI Women’s Leadership Network comes in. The network is being launched to foster a more diverse workforce, bringing people together and supporting them to thrive. The network is creating a recruitment toolkit and set of diversity principles to support women throughout their careers, recommending opportunities for talent development. It will run sponsored programmes for women’s leadership and the recruitment and promotion of women into and through the organisation to fulfil their career ambitions. more in the full report
  • Safe, sustainable, successful

    The Health and Safety values at the forefront of BMI
    Operations in 40 countries worldwide. 9,600 employees. 128 manufacturing facilities. 16 key brands. Getting consistent policies across such a diverse company is a complicated but crucial task. And that’s exactly what we’re striving to do with our Health and Safety culture at BMI Building a strong, sustainable Health and Safety culture is our top priority: it’s fundamental to our core values, and something we’re utterly committed to.
    Our goal is to create a broader safety management system to measure our performance, getting everyone to follow the same Health and Safety rules with a shared vision. more in the full report