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The construction and manufacturing industries have been under the sustainability spotlight, and for good reason. Collectively, we have an enormous impact on the environment, with significant global carbon emissions coming from building and construction.

As an industry, we’ve already made huge strides in a range of fields, from education and awareness, to recycling materials, to redesigning processes to be more sustainable.

But we must do more.

With so much work still to be done, this update outlines BMI’s approach to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow, and how we can all help to build the construction industry of the future.

We’re incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made. And our mission towards tomorrow has only just begun.
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A common goal

Protecting Tomorrow is our approach to achieving more sustainable manufacturing, operations and products. 

We’re working across the business to address all of our sustainability opportunities and challenges. By connecting people from different countries, brands and departments, sustainability becomes a joint responsibility which we all share.

We want the actions we take today to protect our people and planet tomorrow. We know that all of our choices, big or small, can add up to a huge impact in the years to come.

Sustainability common goals

What sustainability means to us

Sustainability is so much more than innovation around products and systems. It’s an attitude and a frame of mind, informing our approach to every aspect of our business. Most importantly, it’s a journey, one where we’re always pushing to do better.

We’ve chosen three areas, People, Planet and Product, to show how steps are being taken all across BMI to address the social, environmental and economic impacts of climate change in a positive way.

01 People

Find out more about the hard work, care and innovation of BMI employees across the globe.

02 Planet

These stories highlight the work being done at BMI to address the environmental aspect of sustainability.

03 Products

Each one of these stories showcases how BMI’s product offering addresses the economic aspect of sustainability.

Our core values

Our values are central to our vision of sustainability, creating behaviours that drive our approach.

By sticking to these values, we’ll do a much better job of achieving our goals.


Guide us as we grow and develop


Make decisions so that we pull in the right direction together 


Tell the story of who we are and what we stand for


Build relationships and support each other to make BMI an even better place to work