From new build to refurbishment, we can provide complete roofing systems for all kinds of residential properties. More than just a roof over people’s heads, our solutions and materials are designed to give homes high-performance protection with added functionality and architectural beauty. We can turn a roof into a power generator with sustainable solar panels, keep living spaces cooler with advanced tile surface technology, create distinctive aesthetic features with our broad range of choice, and so much more.

Our performance-testing guarantee

We set new standards with our intense product testing methods, exposing all of our materials and components to the harshest conditions. Our own industry-unique wind tunnel enables us to simulate wind and rain conditions across the globe. It helps us see further so we can supply products that will stand up to sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, thermal shock and resist freeze and thaw. The wind tunnel test cycles are based on weather data which we have continuously collected for decades across five continents. Our simulations even include extreme weather phenomena that typically occur once in every 50 years.

Making a roof a valuable asset

Our systems are designed to deliver low maintenance roofing solutions for homeowners and are easy for roofing contractors to integrate with the rest of the building. They also offer excellent value for money, backed by our far-ranging product and system guarantees and expert technical support. So whether you're building a development of new homes or embarking on a refurbishment project, we can help you create a roof that adds value to your properties.